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Viva La Diva

Prima ballerina Darcey Bussell CBE and international opera superstar, Katherine Jenkins teamed up for their show stopping all singing, all dancing musical extravaganza Viva La Diva. This eclectic display of gift and flair thrilled both critics and fans alike and had two sell out UK tours. Showcasing the duos well-known abilities alongside hidden talents never before revealed to the public, the audience was treated to an unforgettable show that pays tribute to the great stage and screen Diva's from the golden age of glamour.

Captured at the London 02 Arena as part of their sold out and extended Arena Tour, Viva La Diva the DVD was released in November 2008 and went straight to the top of the DVD charts.

It was the first time ballet had been performed at the now world famous O2 Arena.


This is what the press said about it:


The Guardian 
“All dancing, all singing comeback is a flight of fantasy”


The Independent
 “Modern diva’s dazzle in homage to past masters”
“The finale is a gorgeous summation of a thoroughly enjoyable evening”
“Fans will not be disappointed.”


Manchester Evening News 
“This is a bright, frothy and fun celebration of their influences from the world of film, dance and music.”
“An often delightful grab-bag of popular culture that looks and plays more like a big Broadway musical.”

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