A one-stop filming and ticketing platform…keeping live alive.

This will help you with everything that you wanted to know about streaming but were afraid to ask! We are a one-stop shop that can film, stream and sell tickets, enabling you to capture revenue from your performances.


What we can offer?

  • A two camera live stream with a pay per view capability

  • A four camera live stream with a pay per view capability

  • A multi camera shoot for a video on demand pre-recorded show

Whilst we all wait for scientists, politicians and sanity to return to the live sector, this is the safest, easiest option for your audiences. Give us your talent and we will then film it and enable either a live stream or pay on demand ticket for anyone anywhere.

If your trade is in live music, live theatre, live comedy, in fact any live event this is ideal for you. We have aimed this at producers, artists, performers, venues, managers, promoters, organisers, entrepreneurs and content creators. It is solving all sorts of confusing technical issues, arranging a first class team to film your performances and delivering a direct performer to audience experience. We will capture the revenue from your performances.


All your problems are solved…the filming, editing, streaming, ticketing and accounting.


Please contact us and let us demystify everything for you and ultimately put money in your pocket. Whilst Digital streaming is not the same as live, but it is the next best thing.


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