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Book Deals

Darcey Bussell: Magic Ballerina series Volumes 1-22


Launched in 2008, Magic Ballerina has become a phenomenal success. Co-written by Darcey Bussell, it is now had four series published by HarperCollins, with over 1 million books sold. It has been published in over 10 territories, with over 100,000 sold in Australia and over 150,000 sold in France.

The Magic Dance– published in March 2010 was chosen as a World Book Day title and quickly became No. 1 bestseller in UK book charts. Over 100,000 units sold in 2 weeks. It’s dedicated microsite has over 10,000 registered users, with it’s ‘Journey to Enchantia’ game having over 1million game plays globally.

There is an on-going partnership with Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools, including World Book Day competition to win a year’s scholarship to the schools, plus cross advertising in the Young Performer magazine.

The series has a wide scale distribution across all book retailers plus it is stocked in Royal Opera House and Royal Academy of Dance.

Lulu: Secrets Of Looking Good


In Lulu’s own words:

“I know that like me, you want to look – and feel – your absolute best. For me, that’s about energy, confidence and vitality. (Although I’ll never deny that a little make-up and some great skincare goes a long way…)

People always ask me how I stay looking so young. Well, whether you’re my age or younger – 30-something, 40, 50 whatever, I’ve been there. I’ve done the work. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve picked up secrets from the best in the world and I’m about to share them with you: make-up, skincare, style, exercise, how to de-stress. It’s all here. And trust me, it works.

Even if you only take away a few ideas from this book, I guarantee you’ll feel more confident about yourself and the health and beauty choices you make. A happier, more youthful, sexier you every day – isn’t that what every woman wants?”

Stavros Flatley: How To Be A Little Bit Greek


This is the complete, all-singing, all-dancing, all-Irish guide to the Greek lifestyle.

A book complete with Corinthian pillars and state-of- the-art BBQs!

It has Stavros Flatley’s easy-to-follow guidelines and step-by-step photos you can learn the correct way to smash plates with attitude, marinade your kebabs in a manly fashion, grapple with life’s big questons…buffet or a la carte, be a hero to your son and display your ceramic donkey collection

Discover the secret of worrying about absolutely everything whilst somehow remaining fantastically optimistic and never forgetting to have a really good time.

“They really, really make me laugh…”  Simon Cowell.

Darcey Bussell:  Pilates For Life


In Darcey’s own words:

I came across the technique of Pilates at the beginning of my career, and, whilst I am not a professional teacher, I have been doing it enthusiastically for the whole of my professional life. I feel Pilates is the best thing I have ever done for my body. Once you work through the exercises, I’m sure you will feel the same way too. I have found, it’s a wonderful source of meditation and relaxation. Pilates is a form of exercise I love and I hope it will give you confidence, as well as a naturally good posture.

On the whole, dancers practise Pilates, because it is the best way to exercise every muscle in the body without over-developing anything and creating bulk muscle. This is especially important for us, as we don’t want to appear muscle-bound on stage. In addition, the lengthening and strengthening basis of the method keeps our muscles supple, which means we look leaner, and stay stronger as dancers for longer.

Pilates shows you how to breathe and relax properly, which is essential for anyone who feels stressed out by their daily life. I do an hour and a half class twice a week and I find this stops me being excessive about exercise, and at the same time does enough for my body, mind and soul.

Darcey Bussell: My Life in Pictures

Hardie Grant

Launched in 2012 this beautiful book encapsulates and celebrates Darcey’s career as one of the greatest English ballerinas of all time.

Accompanied by stunning images from some of today’s leading photographers including Mario Testino, Lord Snowdon and Mary McCartney, it chronicles Darcey from her early years through to her final performance of MacMillans Song of the Earth at the Royal Opera House in 2007.

Along with images of her on stage and in costume, there are intimate behind-the-scenes photos of rehearsals and preparation.

Darcey provides fascinating insight into the ballet world with personal anecdotes and memories of some of the most important moments in her career.